Questions and Solutions


1) When do I have to use Integrity?

Whenever you learn about , are informed of, or become involved in a situation that violates Rassini's Code of Ethics and Conduct, and whenever you have concerns or suggestions that you would rather be dealt with by a third party instead of with your direct supervisor or another person at your workplace. The decision to use Integrity platform is wholly voluntary.

2) What are the benefits of Integrity?

It creates and strengthens an ethical culture, improves the work environment, and encourages the use of reports of misconduct through a safe, reliable, unbiased, and independent means, with the main goal of providing a professional and quality service to the reporting hotline service users.

3) Will there be any kind of retaliation for filing a report or making a question?

No. Integrity guarantees whistleblowers full anonymity when filing a report using any of the available methods, through EthicsGlobal services.

4) What type of information or data is required to use Integrity?

When filing a report, you will be asked to provide the following information:

• Full name and position of the parties involved.

• Date and place of the incidents.

• Whenever, possible, any relevant evidence.

• A detailed report of how the events took place.

5) Why report?

Because wrongdoing seriously affects a company’s net worth and its associates. And because reporting conducts that violate the integrity and wellbeing of all the members of the organization helps improve the work environment.

6) What can I report?

The violation or neglect of our CÉyC 

  •  Employee relationships.
  •  Customer quality and satisfaction.
  • • practices.
  • • Anti-corruption, transparency, and conflict of interest.
  • • Relationships with suppliers.
  • • Confidential and/or privileged information.
  • • Communication.

7) How long will it take to process a filed report?

EthicsGlobal will send the information to the Ethics and Conduct Committee within a maximum of 48 hours following the report; Rassini will be in charge of establishing the times for investigating and acting on the complaints made.

8) After filing the report, will I be informed of its outcome?

Integrity will only notify the whistleblower of the status of the investigation. Its content and outcome will remain confidential.

9) How can I follow up a filed report?

  When you file a report, you will be given a follow-up code that you may use:

  • To know if more information is required to process your question or complaint.
  • To provide new information relating to your complaint.
  • To follow up the updates or status of the investigation. 

We suggest waiting 5 or 6 business days after filing your report to follow it up.

10) What if I want to provide more information after placing my report?

Any whistleblower may access Integrity and provide new information or report a second offense at any time by using the follow-up code.

11) What happens if I witness a violation of the code of ethics and fail to report it?

All of Rassini’s stakeholders are bound to report any violations of the code of ethics that affect the organization and its members. If you witness any serious offense and fail to report it, you may be subject to severe disciplinary action by the organization.